Biophysics & Physical Biochemistry

Fields of research

Structure and function of transporters involved in environmental stress response

Research projects

  • Osmotic stress response
  • Structure and function of the osmoregulated glycine betaine transporter BetP from C. glutamicum
  • Structure and function of TRAP- transporters involved in osmoregulation in H. elongata


  • Prof. Reinhard Krämer, Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cologne, Germany
  • Prof. Daniel Müller, Biotechnical Center (Biotec) of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany
  • Prof. Erhard Bremer, Department of Microbiology at the University of Marburg, Germany
  • PD Dr. Hans-Jörg Kunte, BAM Berlin, Germany
  • Dr. Stephen Kempson, Medical Scholl of Illinois, USA

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