Microbiology and Hygiene

Fields of research

  • Vaccines against the human immunodeficiency virus
  • Viral and non-viral vector systems for the delivery of transgenes
  • Complianace tests to quantify cellular immune reactions
  • Studys about protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions at infectious processes
  • Phase Ι clinical trials for the immunologic und virologic analysis after immunization

Research projects

  • ForBIMed: Recombinant polypeptides with optimized T-Cell-activating properties
  • SynPeptide: Synthetic biology for the design and produktion of antibiotic peptides
  • SynMod: Synthetic biology to obtain novel antibiotics and optimized production systems
  • RepliVax: A replication competent Flavivirus-based HIV vaccine platform as a priming component for improving Antibody Response
  • IAVI: design of soluble envelope proteins with enhanced trimer stability
  • GerontoShield: Systems biology-driven approach to unravel and revert the mechanisms responsible for poor immune responses in the elderly
  • CUT'HIVAC: Innovative design of HIV vaccines and delivery systems for transcutaneous immunization
  • ForProtect: Computer-assisted design, production and analysis of HIV-specific T-cell immunogens
  • Hector: Mechanisms of the immunological control of HIV replication in LTNP and HIV vaccine candidates derived thereof
  • PTVDC: Poxvirus T Cell Vaccine Discovery Consortium
  • VDAC: Lentiviral display to screen for improved Env immunogens


  • FORIMMUN: Research network for new strategies in immunotherapy
  • FORINGEN: Research network for infectogenomics
  • EuroVacc - European Vaccine effort against HIV/AIDS
  • The German Competence Network for HIV/AIDS (KompNet HIV/AIDS)
  • Geneart AG
  • Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene

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