Fields of research

  • Diagnosis:
- of lesions of the central and peripheral nervous system
- molecular pathological brain diagnostics
- diagnostic biopsies of skeletal muscles
  • Brain biopsy (brain autopsy)
  • Epigenetic modification of brain tumours (DNA methylation, histone modifications, and microRNAs)
  • Mechanism of tumour-cell migration and invasion in brain tumors
  • Mechanism of the response and resistance to therapies of brain tumors

Research projects

  • Identification of prädiagnostic/prognostic/prädictive biomarkers
  • Incorporation in the Wilhelm-Sander-Therapy Unit for brain tumors
  • Epigenetic of induced pluripotent stem cells (ForIPS)


  • German Cancer Aid (Max Eder Junior Research Group Programme)
  • Wilhelm Sander Foundation (Therapy Unit Neurooncology)
  • North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (Junges Kolleg/Mercator Foundation)
  • Sibylle Assmus Research Award 2011 for Neurooncology
  • Bavarian Research Network on induced pluripotent stem cells (ForIPS)

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