Biochemistry I

Fields of research

Our work is focused on the biochemical and functional characterization of small RNA containing protein complexes. We are applying affinity chromatography approaches and cell free in vitro systems to elucidate how small RNAs fulfil their specific functions as guides for translational or transcriptional repressors. Furthermore, we are establishing protocols for purification of miRNA-containing protein complexes as well as their specific mRNA targets. This will ultimately lead us to a better understanding of how miRNAs and their targets contribute to the manifestation of different types of inherited diseases, such as cancer and specific forms of neurological disorders.

Research projects

  • Biochemical purification of small RNA containing protein complexes
  • Identification and functional characterization of new components of these complexes
  • Generation of cell-free systems, which allow for a detailed investigation of the function of small RNAs
  • Experimental identification of target RNAs, which are regulated by small RNAs. Further studies will also include the investigation of the biological role of these target RNA


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