Biochemistry III

Fields of research

The main objective of our research is the complex process of eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis. Ribosome synthesis involves transcription of ribosomal RNA genes, chromatin dynamics, processing and assembly of ribosomal precursor molecules in the nucleolus and the nucleus, their transport to the cytoplasm and final maturation.

Research projects

Several research teams are dedicated to approach these scientific problems. To this end the individual teams are strongly interconnected to solve specific questions in a common effort. The combination of expert knowledge in the fields of transcriptional regulation, chromatin structure and remodeling, ribosomal subunit processing and assembly will allow us to contribute to our understanding of ribosome biogenesis.

  • Chromatin dynamics
  • rDNA transcription
  • rDNA chromatin
  • Ribosome maturation
  • Nucleolar architecture


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